We are sending this letter to inform you of changes made in the 2014 session of the Mississippi Legislature that will be affecting the security industry. These are minor
changes but if they apply please take action to ensure your safety. Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) requires that if we are unable to reach someone at the premises who can verify an alarm is false, an additional attempt will be made to verify the
alarm with the first person on the contact list. If, after these two call attempts, we are unable to verify if the alarm is false, we will dispatch the appropriate authorities. After dispatching the authorities, we will continue calling the remainder of the contact list. This would be an optimal time to review your contact list to ensure we have a valid number as the first listing on the call list. This will help reduce false alarms and possible false alarm
fines. We recommend a cell phone number for the first number on the call list. This will be implemented, July 1, 2014, in an effort to reduce the number of false alarm penalties that may incur through the local police department. ECV will also help reduce the number of responses by police departments to false dispatches. Please note we will continue to dispatch the police on silent panic/holdup/robbery signals without verification. As always thank you for your business. If you have any questions please call our office @ 601-939-5231.

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