It’s always our desire to keep our customers informed, so as summer draws near, be aware of the influx of the seasonal, door-to-door, aggressive sales forces that come into action.  These young marketing people can often misrepresent themselves and indicate they are from Pennington & Trim Alarm Services.  So please be aware when someone comes to your door to try to sell or upgrade your alarm system.

Remember, if a salesman or technician is NOT wearing a Pennington & Trim shirt, and NOT driving a Pennington & Trim vehicle, they are NOT from Pennington & Trim, and are NOT affiliated with us in any way. They may be promising a lot of “bells and whistles” and rushing you into signing a contract you cannot cancel.  BEWARE!  They are not offering anything we can’t provide, and remember we don’t require a contract.

Pennington & Trim offers Home Automation products so you can adjust your thermostat, lighting, & door locks from any electronic device (smartphone, iPad, and laptop).  We also offer a product called Total Connect, which allows you to keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere, at any time, from any electronic device (smartphone, iPad, and laptop).  Enclosed you will find a brochure for these products so you can make an informed decision about what works best for you, your family, or your business.

To view videos and read more information regarding the products mentioned above please go to our website or call our office 601-939-5231.

Your business is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to serving you with a spirit of excellence as we get ready to start our 28th year of protecting homes and businesses in Mississippi.

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