Through the Eyes of an Intruder

Researchers Study Convicted Burglars to Prove Effectiveness of Alarms, Shed Light on Habits and Motivations There’s no better way to figure out what motivates a burglar than to go directly to the source:  Just ask the burglar. A groundbreaking new study by a...

Building a Successful Team

In one of our recent department meetings, we discussed The Seven E’s Of Enhancing Potential To Build An Effective, High-Performance Organization from The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy.  This is a great book about building people and teams that win consistently....



At Pennington & Trim, we try to always remind our whole staff about the importance of providing the very best in customer service.  A few months back we did a SMILE theme month, and we gave everyone a smiley mirror to remind them to SMILE when talking to all...

Demolition Day

Demolition Day

We used our old office building from 1987 to 1997 until we built our new office building. We have grown to 23 employees and parking has become a problem. Today, we demolished our old building to make some more room for parking.

Residential Fire Alarms

I have been doing residential alarm systems for many, many years and some people just want the burglar alarm. When I ask them why don’t they want a fire alarm they say, “Oh, I’m not worried about it I have insurance, let it burn down.” And for some people that may be...

About Motion Detectors

I have always thought of motion detectors as an interior trap. You can protect all of your doors and windows in your house, but there are ways to get in besides opening a door or raising a window. I have seen people come in from the roof and even someone with a...

You’re Not Perfect but You’re Awesome

In our department meetings earlier this year we once again focused on the importance of customer service. We talked about some information from a book called “Lessons from the Mouse” by Dennis Snow who worked for years at Disney World.  Dennis said during a...

About Glass Break Detectors

Glassbreak detectors came along and started becoming a popular product in our industry around 1986. Caddx was one of the first to come out with this old-timey acoustic glass-break detector. It came with a small plastic stick to test the device that you could slap the...

Winds of Change

Life can be fun, awesome, exciting, and amazing.  We don’t always know what tomorrow will bring, but no matter what, we must learn to adapt to change.  September is the month we change seasons from summer to fall.  Change is a part of life, so we must learn to handle...

What’s Your Focus?

What’s Your Focus?

In the department meetings we did with our staff earlier this year, we once again described our mission statement in terms of behavior.  Part of our mission statement is to do things with “a spirit of excellence”.  Excellence means…You list objectives and...

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