Part of our Mission Statement at Pennington & Trim Alarm Services, Inc. is “Teamwork”.

We continually strive to describe our mission statement in terms of behavior.  In our recent department meetings, we discussed the fact that teamwork means training others to have depth on the bench.

As we grow, the work increases.  As the work increases, we have to add people to our staff.  Even as we add staff, we strive to get people cross-trained so we can provide the best in customer service.

The law of the bench is that great teams have great depth.

Any team that wants to excel must have good substitutes as well as good starters.

If you want your team to perform well over the long haul, you’ve got to build your bench.

A great team with no bench eventually collapses.

Law of the Bench
Law of the Bench

Football is a game of attrition, and roster depth is the only real way to the playoffs and beyond. One season, by the time the Seahawks got to the Super Bowl they had 11 players on injured reserve, PUP (physically unable to perform due to injury, NFI (non-football injury and unable to practice) or suspended. Their starting offensive tackles, Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini missed 15 starts between them because of injury and there were another 20 starts missed by other players during the season.

At Pennington & Trim, we will continue to make the most of the law of the bench by continually improving the team.