Mission Trip Day @ Mississippi Food Network

As you know, P&T shut our office doors every quarter to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus. We serve and give back to our community. This quarter we chose Mississippi Food Network and in 3 hours we packed 1001 boxes of food. That represents 1001 families that will be touched and fed. Each box will feed a family for a week. After 34 years of working here, Ms Nettie retired. We were honored by her presence as she came back just to join us once again. We love you Ms Nettie. You have touch millions of lives through the years.
Our guest speaker was Pastor Luke Spencer from Word of Life Church. He talked about taking the time to connect with people. You can make a difference in their life. We then went and packed boxes and returned for lunch, employee baby shower for Allison, and welcome our newest coworker Daniel and play team building games. It was a fun day to connect with others and be a blessing.

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