When moving into a new home, many people today don’t even look at getting a phone line but just use their cell phone.  That’s no problem, we can install a cellular backup so the security system can communicate with the central station.  You simply add the $16 cellular backup monthly fee to the $23 monthly monitoring fee.  We always strive to keep our costs down for our customers and are proud to say that we have only increased our monitoring rate two times since 1987.  Also, you can enjoy a free month when you pay for your monitoring annually.

Cellular Backups
There was a time when the only reason you put in a cellular backup was in a commercial environment if you were concerned someone would cut the phone line and defeat the security system or possibly in a residence on a farm or in a remote location.  I can remember when cellular backups cost $400, and now the price has gone down drastically.  It’s a good product, and what’s happened with cellular backups is it’s not only the backup but is now becoming the primary way for the security system to communicate with the central station.

Want To Save Some Money?
If you have a cellular backup, you can save some money by cutting off your analog phone line in your house. The $40-$80 you were paying for your old phone line will easily cover the $16 monthly fee for the cellular backup service, and it will easily pay for the cost of the cellular backup.  Not only will you save money, but you will have the added protection of knowing your phone line can’t be cut so your security system can communicate with the central station.