If you’re living on a budget and like to avoid unexpected bills, we’ve got a great product for you.  Upon the request of our customers, Pennington & Trim offers an extended warranty program to our residential and commercial customers. The fee is only $10 per month for residential accounts.  Businesses need to call us for a quote as the price varies for commercial accounts depending on the size of the business.  If something goes wrong, and you need a service call, this fee covers the service call, the parts and the labor.  This program excludes normal routine maintenance such as annual system tests as well as backup batteries and wireless batteries that need to be replaced every four or five years.

Bonus – Lightning Damage Protection
With extended warranty you are also covered from damage done by tornadoes, floods or lightning.  In the Deep South, we live in an area that has a tremendous amount of lightning.  If you get hit by lightning, which can potentially destroy the whole system, you’d get the damaged parts replaced.  You may have a $1,200 system that would be covered if you pay the extended warranty plan’s $10 monthly fee.

Can You Say, “Such A Deal!”
You asked for it, and we provided it.  At Pennington & Trim we’re always looking for ways to provide a valuable service to our customers.  We think this is the best thing since sliced bread, so take advantage of this great program.

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