Every quarter we shut down the office to do team building. This quarter we ate breakfast together and played a game for time off benefits. We played Disc Golf outside because of the nice weather. After our team building, we helped the Sunnybrook Children’s Home in Ridgeland by painting their metal fence and cleaning up their yard of fallen tree limbs. Sunnybrook Children’s Home’s mission is to help foster children to have a healthy Christian family environment and minister to them. They help prepare these children to succeed once they graduate high school by helping them get a drivers license, provide job training and provide them with a good Christian foundation. After Sunnybrook, we had lunch together at Genna Benna’s to celebrate new members of our team. We also gave away two awards with a $50 and $100 bonus. The day was finished off by doing a Draw Down for the entire staff to get a Mission Day Bonus. Our P&T Team is an exceptional, hardworking group. We appreciate our P&T Family for helping us fulfill our mission statement of “Making Money to Spread the Gospel- As We Protect Life and Property- With Teamwork and A Spirit of Excellence!”

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